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Return the sum of the absolute value of derivatives in x and y.


genType fwidth( genType p );
genType fwidthCoarse( genType p );
genType fwidthFine( genType p );


p - Specifies the expression of which to take the partial derivative.


Available only in the fragment shader, these functions return the sum of the absolute derivatives in [math]x[/math] and [math]y[/math] using local differencing for the input argument p . fwidth is equivalent to abs (dFdx(p)) + abs (dFdy(p)). fwidthCoarse is equivalent to abs (dFdxCoarse(p)) + abs (dFdyCoarse(p)). fwidthFine is equivalent to abs (dFdxFine(p)) + abs (dFdyFine(p)).

Version Support[edit]

fwidth 1.1+
fwidthCoarse, fwidthFine 4.5+

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