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Bind an existing texture object to the specified texture unit .

C Specification[edit]

void glBindTextureUnit( GLuint unit, GLuint texture );


unit - Specifies the texture unit, to which the texture object should be bound to.
texture - Specifies the name of a texture.


 glBindTextureUnit binds an existing texture object to the texture unit numbered unit .

 texture must be zero or the name of an existing texture object. When texture is the name of an existing texture object, that object is bound to the target, in the corresponding texture unit, that was specified when the object was created. When texture is zero, each of the targets enumerated at the beginning of this section is reset to its default texture for the corresponding texture image unit.

Associated Gets[edit]



 GL_INVALID_OPERATION error is generated if texture is not zero or the name of an existing texture object.

Version Support[edit]

 glBindTextureUnit  4.5+

See Also[edit]

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