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Determine if a name corresponds to a transform feedback object.

C Specification[edit]

GLboolean glIsTransformFeedback( GLuint id );


id - Specifies a value that may be the name of a transform feedback object.


 glIsTransformFeedback returns GL_TRUE if id is currently the name of a transform feedback object. If id is zero, or if id is not the name of a transform feedback object, or if an error occurs, glIsTransformFeedback returns GL_FALSE . If id is a name returned by glGenTransformFeedbacks , but that has not yet been bound through a call to glBindTransformFeedback , then the name is not a transform feedback object and glIsTransformFeedback returns GL_FALSE .

Version Support[edit]

 glIsTransformFeedback  4.0+

See Also[edit]

 glGenTransformFeedbacks , glBindTransformFeedback , glDeleteTransformFeedbacks 


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