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Perform a component-wise greater-than comparison of two vectors.


bvec greaterThan( vec x, vec y );
bvec greaterThan( ivec x, ivec y );
bvec greaterThan( uvec x, uvec y );


x - Specifies the first vector to be used in the comparison operation.
y - Specifies the second vector to be used in the comparison operation.


 greaterThan returns a boolean vector in which each elementiis computed as x [i] > y [i].

Version Support[edit]

greaterThan (vec) 1.1+
greaterThan (ivec) 1.1+
greaterThan (uvec) 1.3+

See Also[edit]

 lessThan , lessThanEqual , greaterThanEqual , equal , notEqual , any , all , not 


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