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Sample a varying at the location of a specified sample.


float interpolateAtSample( float interpolant, int sample );
vec2 interpolateAtSample( vec2 interpolant, int sample );
vec3 interpolateAtSample( vec3 interpolant, int sample );
vec4 interpolateAtSample( vec4 interpolant, int sample );


interpolant - Specifies the interpolant to be sampled at the location of sample sample .
sample - Specifies the index of the sample whose location will be used to sample interpolant .


 interpolateAtSample returns the value of the input varying interpolant sampled at the location of sample number sample . If multisample buffers are not available, the input varying will be evaluated at the center of the pixel. If sample sample does not exist, the position used to interpolate the input varying is undefined.

Version Support[edit]

interpolateAtSample 4.0+

See Also[edit]

 interpolateAtCentroid , interpolateAtOffset 


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