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Welcome to! The goal of this website is to provide a one-stop shop for all reference material related to OpenGL. Currently OpenGL 4 is documented here.

Soon to come will be OpenGLES for all those mobile developers.


There are a few very common tasks that while not a part of OpenGL are very related to the use of OpenGL. For example:

  • Window creation across different operating systems
  • Context creation across different operating systems
  • Language specific issues
  • Input handling
  • Examples of using different function calls with different languages

Please feel free to create these pages if you have the time and desire.

The categorisation of the existing pages needs to be completed as well. I.e., GLSL or OpenGL.

Currently only OpenGL 4 is documented here. Additional versions can be documented if there's a need, likely in a different namespace. Please provide your opinion/vote on the discussion page. The starting point of the website was put together using the copyleft licensed reference material provided by Khronos, and parsing it via a XSL Transformation. This page has more detail on this script as it will need to be improved before being used to parse over versions of OpenGL reference (there's still some lingering formatting issues in the pages that currently exist).

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